Born in the heart of Denver, Xing grew from a simple vision to share the healthy qualities of green tea and functionality of energy drinks without the negative effects of artificial ingredients and high-fructose corn syrup. Driven by a commitment to a maintain a ‘clean label,’ Xing delivers a natural product with non-GMO ingredients, using innovative production processes to keep the natural, preservative-free character of our products. At Xing, we pledge to give people the high-quality taste and refreshment they demand without sacrificing their commitment to natural products.


Xing first came onto the scene with our premium green teas and juices, recently creating Xing Energy in response to the high demand for natural, non-GMO products. Available in over 40 states and 10 countries, our preservative-free, sweetened-by-nature products are offered in a variety of flavors – perfect for any taste.